Who doesn't want a wedding that’s not only grand and sophisticated but also unique and aesthetic? Wedding planning is one of the most exciting jobs and deciding on the perfect wedding venue and the theme is the first thing that needs to be finalized. A wedding is all about good decor and good food. The overall grace of the venue and even your wedding pictures are highly dependent on the decor of the wedding hall.  Scheme plays a very important role in location the tone and ambiance of the wedding hall and getting a little bit of inspiration from the experts would be a great deal. Celebrity weddings are a trend on their own and getting inspired by their wedding decor choices can be quite an amazing idea that can help you organize a subtle yet royal wedding for yourself.

Decor Elements Inspired by Celebrity Weddings

Go For Unconventional Themes

The whole theme of your wedding should be such that it looks nothing less than a Bollywood movie wedding. Yes! You can start by researching your favorite celebrity weddings and shortlisting the theme ideas you like the most. Here’s the cue, don’t look for ideas that do go with your style and vibes, pick the one that also resonates with you. A pastel-themed wedding or a boho-themed mehndi function at a banquet hall at GT Karnal Road could be a wonderful idea. 

Just like most celebrities these days, you can also opt for unconventional colored themes like lavender, pastel greens, and blues or creams. These colors look really pretty and do add a sophisticated touch to a wedding. Many celebrities also go for fusion-themed weddings where they mix the modern and chic with the traditional and bring out a completely unique experience of the wedding.

Instead of opting for a typical wedding hall, you can also ditch the plan and go for a garden-themed wedding that looks nothing less than a fairytale.

The Entrance Decor

Just like in celebrity weddings, you can add a big floral or fancy arch with the names of the bride and groom at the entrance gate. Additionally, you can appoint staff who’ll serve welcome drinks to your guests at the entrance making it look like a royal welcome for them. You can also add a classy backdrop and spread a red carpet at the entrance for your wedding guests to walk into the wedding venue and feel nothing less than a celebrity themselves. Incorporating these grand entry ideas at the entrance of your wedding hall will make your wedding look just like that of any celebrity!

The Exquisite Floral Arrangements

In celebrity weddings, one thing found common is the lavish display of exquisite flowers and bouquets throughout the venue. Taking inspiration from the same, you can also choose to add a combination of royal flowers and bouquets that complement your wedding theme and colors and add another layer of royalty to your wedding aesthetics. 

Flowers are the lifeline of wedding decor, and while organizing your wedding at a luxury banquet in Delhi, you can easily incorporate this celebrity-approved decor idea and serve your guests the venue perfect for clicking stunning pictures.

The Lighting

For any wedding venue, lighting plays the most important part that can either make the deal or break the deal. The heavy chandeliers and the statements lightings spreading the beautiful lights in every corner of the venue are key elements found in celebrity weddings. The spotlights and the pendant lights are other options you can incorporate into the wedding venue. The dim lights during the wedding dance and the spotlight on the couple during the Varmala ceremony or the candlelight dinner for the wedding couple can add a whole new different feeling to attending the wedding.

The Table Settings and Centerpieces

Go for top-notch table settings by using high-quality tableware and glassware for the guests. The menu cards could be designed uniquely to reflect the authenticity of the dishes. If you have a short and precise guest list, you could get dedicated place cards printed so the guests can sit accordingly and feel like a VIP.

Additionally, make sure you opt for statement centerpieces for your wedding. The guests seated should feel the vibe since the centerpieces are the main focus while being seated. Choose centerpieces that can reflect the extravagance and sophistication that you’re trying to offer the guests. Any celebrity wedding you’ll take inspiration from generally has such huge gorgeous centerpieces that are worth staring at.

Photo Booths

Celebrity weddings have such uniquely styled photobooths which make the pictures much more fun and sweet. If you want to add a similar touch to your wedding, keep a stunning photo booth at your wedding where you can capture the most candid and memorable pictures. Go on to add creative and quirky props and accessories to add the fun factor to the pictures and allow your guests to have the most fun and entertaining time at the wedding.

Lounge Areas

Make your guests feel like a VIP by offering them a space where they can relax during the wedding. Celebrity weddings often have separate lounge areas where the guests can chill and unwind themselves. Make comfortable seating arrangements along with cocktails/mocktails and some snacks that can truly give your guests a feeling of utmost luxury and comfort.

The Ceiling Decor

A venue’s beauty elevates multiple times by adding ceiling installations and decor like magnificent chandeliers and beautiful falling flowers. Celebrity weddings have often given so many inspirational ideas like pompom umbrellas and framed chandeliers hanging from the ceiling which you can incorporate into the decor of the venue. While hosting your wedding in any of the banquet halls in Delhi, you can use these ideas and make your wedding look like a fancy affair just like the celebrities.


Many celebrities have used this great way of using signboards to keep the guests informed about what is where inside the wedding venue. The signboards could be really fun to keep your guests entertained and informed at the same time. Signboards that depict the names of the bride and groom, the date and time, directing the guests towards the food counter, the washrooms, the place where Phreaks will take place, etc.

Classy Music and dance performances

The Bollywood celebrity weddings have heavily inspired us all when it comes to celebrating the wedding with style and music. The choice of music and ultimate dance performances reflect royalty and grace. The outstanding music and powerful performances will certainly take the excitement and happiness levels to another level altogether. You can also arrange for your Sangeet ceremony themed around Bollywood or you can also steal the songs and dance performances list from your favorite celebrity’s wedding.


While you decide on your favorite celebrity inspirations to incorporate into your wedding venue, here’s Yadu Greens by Five Spice to help you ease the task. Yadu Greens is a luxurious banquet hall in Delhi that speaks everything royal and elegant. From decor to menu to facilities to the stunning lavish outdoors, the venue has everything you would love to have in a wedding hall that’s inspired by a celebrity’s wedding making your wedding a grand event and giving your guests an everlasting experience.